Fast, Accurate, and Reliable Aviation Weather

Takeoff displays personalized, color-coded aviation weather reports and warnings based on your personal minimums.

Takeoff takes forecasts and breaks them down in the same personalized and visual way, so you can tell what the day looks like at-a-glance.

Takeoff Keeps You Safe

75% of fatal weather-related accidents start with pilots voluntarily flying into poor weather.

Takeoff helps you to easily and reliably understand if the weather is right for YOU. Get personalized warnings based on cloud ceilings, visibility, total winds, runway crosswinds temperatures, dew point spread, density altitude, and more!

By providing clear warnings based on your personal minimums, Takeoff helps you stay disciplined and keeps you from becoming a statistic.

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Up-and-Running in Seconds

Finding your airports of interest is only a tap away.

  • Find airports near your current location using GPS
  • Find airports nearby any airport in the world
  • Find airports along a route
  • Save a list of your favorite airports for quick access

Takeoff provides list and map-based views of the weather, giving you a high level view in any region instantly.

Saves You Time

Takeoff automatically calculates crosswinds for every runway at your airports, along with wind components for each runway. Couple that with personalized warnings based on density altitude, temperature, winds, and more, and you are always prepared.

By gathering data from multiple sources for you, Takeoff saves you time looking up reports and details from different places. Takeoff even provides quick shortcuts to common websites for pilots to file flight plans, or look up TFRs.

Developed by Pilots. Trusted by Pilots.

Takeoff was developed by pilots like you, who understand what information you need to fly safely. Other pilots agree:

" wasn't just the speed by which it pulled down the data, it's what it did with that data after it hit my phone. As far as interface goes, Takeoff is a masterpiece." -Dan Pimentel, Airplanista (read review)

"The beauty behind this app is that it instantly tells me at a glance if the weather is good enough to go flying." -Brent Owens, iFlyBlog (read review)

"I love the presentation of information on the screen. The colors are great and the interpretations are pretty much idiot proof." -Adam Zucker, Pilot (watch review)

"First thing I thought was WOW! I love how quick it is to get the information quickly into my brain." -Andrew Ohnstad, Airline Pilot

Official Reports From the Source

Load official reports like NOTAMs directly from the source with just a tap.

Full reports are broken down into an intuitive set of tabs

  • METAR and TAF
  • METAR history
  • NOTAMs
  • Winds Aloft, AIRMETs, SIGMETs and PIREPs (U.S. Only)
  • AF/D Page (U.S. Only)
  • Sunrise and Sunset times
  • Airport Map

Global Weather Graphics

The dedicated Graphics tab provides hundreds of weather graphics from across the world.

  • Surface Analytics
  • Satellite Views
  • Low/Mid/High-Level Global SIGWX
  • Canadian GFAs
  • Graphical Winds
  • Radar
  • Icing
  • ...and many more!

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Syncs To Your Devices

With Takeoff Sync, you can synchronize all your devices to keep you safe and up to date wherever you are—absolutely free.

With support for iPad, iPhone, web, and Android phones and tablets, simply login to Takeoff Sync and get ready to Takeoff!

Ideal for the Cockpit

Takeoff automatically keeps the most recent reports available on your device to ensure you always have a weather report available, even when you are offline in the air!

Takeoff is designed to provide key weather information at-a-glance, making it a perfect fit for the cockpit.

Get Takeoff Now!

Get free updates and support, with no subscriptions!

Takeoff for Android on Google Play Takeoff for iPad on the Apple App Store Takeoff for iPhone on the Apple App Store

Join the Takeoff Sync Beta

The new Takeoff Sync Beta service provides the award-winning Takeoff reports and warnings, all on your computer! Get started with Takeoff Sync now.

Intelligent NOTAMs Decoding

Try our new app, NOTAMs Decoder, for intelligent processing of NOTAMs, ordered, and color coded by priority and severity. Available for iPhone and iPad in the Apple App Store. Learn more about NOTAMs Decoder.

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